17 July, 2004

Brief Update

...they think so small/ they use small words/ but not me/ I'm smarter than that....
Today: Artscape,  ArtCars, strange food, free books, hot city, live music, handcrafted items, MWA, Scott's play, Violent Femmes, time spent with one of my favorites, who needs a nickname. Meanwhile, in Indiana, a recording session that I SO want to be present for, but who needs the writer at the recording session?
Already: walked dog, cleaned bathroom, cooked (yes!) breakfast, sent scripts, soothed Steve, brushed hair.
I think of a movie in which a character named Francoise spends her entire time onscreen brushing her hair upside down while sitting in a chair outside her flat. We never see her face. It is the second film in which I've identified with a character named Francoise.
I mean, if I brush indoors, I just end up having to sweep the hairballs.
Oh, and the title? I'll just say this: I am DEFINITELY not wearing briefs. Come on.

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