24 July, 2004

Word Power

...I'll be stretching my mouth/ to let those big words come right out....

I just added to my vocabulary.

Table saw; band saw; drill gun; router; pilot hole. I feel so macho.

(The Prince, once again coming to my rescue, teaches me to fish, right after he hands one to me. Have I mentioned he’s beautiful?)

I owe much gratitude to Dictionary.Com.

My vocabulary is fairly extensive. I can use in a sentence, all of the following: Kundalini, miscreant, proboscis, masticate, gimp, panache, prestidigitation, flagellate, quotidian, galleon, miasma, behemoth, scatological, corpulent, protozoa, flense, agoraphobia, viscous, eradicate, mellifluous, farthingale, circuitous, behemoth, karma, dogma, magma and slag.

There exist, however, certain words that defy amelioration. They refuse to assimilate. I need to reacquaint myself with their definitions, every time. They include: gerund, proletariat, ziggurat, endorphin, Unitarian, moribund, disenfranchise, retrograde, zeitgeist, and the ever elusive pedagogical.

I also remain unsure of the difference, if there is one, between posit and postulate.

If you're familiar with all the words on my “know” list as well as all the ones on the “define” list, please be kind enough to not tell me.

My fragile blonde ego can’t take it.

(Big Time, Peter Gabriel)

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