01 July, 2004

Virtual Life

...Light beams down from heaven/She stands before my eyes/She's actual size, but she seems much bigger to me....

There are times when my virtual reality is far more interesting than my actual reality, if I can say actual reality, when actual reality is something I have no real faith in, sort of like an atheist using Jesus Christ as a swear...

...this is one of those times, besides which Steve is cracking that kangaroo hide bullwhip again and I have flog marks all over my brain from writing to spec with a vocabulary limited by relative appropriateness for middle-schoolers.

From my e- existence, sent and received, the following adventures in sex and blood and rock'n'roll.

Subject: OK, this one is getting weird....please respond truthfully and quickly....on July 4th, now the billionaire wants nudity or partial nudity in body painted statues.....

Date: Wed, 30 June 2004

Dear possible female Fourth of July statue talent;

OK, this one is getting weird....

July 4th, now the billionaire wants nudity or partial nudity in body painted statues.....

Body guards provided. Professional make-up artist...

Is this too creepy to do?

xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

Working murder mystery creates a whole new lingo. Car trunks aren't measured in square feet anymore, but in corpses. Clothing is chosen for whether or not it will show blood well. Shows that are light in props are better "road shows." Names are giggled over, written down and remembered for characters. Random objects are assessed and collected not for value or intrinsic beauty, but for possible use as weapons.

The current show, Dead Write, is loosely based on experiences of Watergate! the Musical. The premise is "Manson: the Musical," and we've just added a dance number, Stomp The Baby. The playwright gets offed. Fortunately, I'm playing the producer. I did NOT write this show. Or "Manson: the Musical." Just so you know.


Crack The Sky details: The guys are old now, mellow, and it's amusing to see John Palumbo wearing more hair than in the eighties. Sort of like William Shatner. Possibly they're related.

He and Rick Witowski told the story of the band's name, they all smoked far too many cigarettes and passed each other lyric sheets to songs they don't remember. John P's daughter made a brief appearance onstage singing background into a mike that I'm not sure was even turned on, and his wife came out and whispered something to him, at which point he introduced her as the "original Cindy" from Hot Razors.

It was billed as an "unplugged and unzipped" concert, was ten dollars cheaper than the "plugged" version the next night, and YOU COULD ACTUALLY HEAR MUSIC -excuse me, you could actually hear music, as opposed to just noise blasted from huge speakers.

They do a cherry gig (CityPaper referred to it as their "time to make the donuts tour") every year at the Recher, apparently.

Thank the gods for cherry gigs and the relative proximity of New Jersey.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

--- On Mon 06/28, Big Jay wrote:

yes. you are receiving email from my penis. he's a friendly sort.

"Cybele" wrote:

I thought Big Jay was the name of your, er.... that is to say, I hope I'm not receiving e-mail from your penis.

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