21 July, 2004

Lancelot Links

...just what you want to be/ you will be in the end/ I love you/ yes, I love you/ oh, how I love you....

Who's a hero? Besides Hawk, who proves his heroism every day he continues to tolerate me.

the Animal is my hero. When he was at PA Ren Fest for their Celtic Fling, he noted some remodeling going on in the spot where he'd otherwise have drawn the chalk outline of my body. I won't be doing my superhero impersonation again. Well, not from there.

Marcuslorus had an audition he was excited about. A restaurant with a medieval theme seems cheesy to some of us, but John Q. Pedestrian seems to like it very much.

Check out the goings on at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. There's bound to be something new, though I don't qualify.

This girl group resurrects a nearly dead musical form and becomes an international sensation. Heroic? Certainly.

The Boy has been my hero forever, for a number of reasons. Does this week's topic match today's theme? Indeed it does. Yet another reason.

I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone. Everyone who met him loved him wholeheartedly. He left a hole in my heart as big as himself. Bill, you are my hero, and king of my heart always.


I tried to put on underwear with today's Nothing Dress, I really did.

That Girl would be proud.

(Nights in White Satin, The Moody Blues.)

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