22 July, 2004

Vision, Touch

...got nine lives/ Cat's eyes/ Abusin' every one of them and running wild....

"I didn't recognize you in those clothes."

Wait, isn't that my line? Oh.

In honor of tonight's build-and-paint, I wear loose jeans and a T-shirt that not only reaches past my naval but HAS A LOGO.

Egad. Though it's black, it's evidently effective camouflage.


His fresh mown skull is cat's tongue stroking my palm. He's got a nicely shaped head.

He scratches my back; exhausted and happy for attention, I arch and purr. He does not stop. I lean my head against his shoulder, smile. He continues. And I realize.

Last summer, when it was Sam's birthday instead of his for a change, he discovered a previously uncharted ticklish spot on my back, made me squirm and giggle. He's searching. Hmm.

If I had more time, I'd stand still until he found it.

(Back In Black, AC/DC)

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