26 July, 2004

Stunned Amazement

...She’s touring the facility and picking up slack/ I want a girl with a short skirt/ And a long, long jacket....

"And, Cyb?"


"I want you to know that you look real butch with that tape measure hanging off your ass."


And is he a Prince? Oh, yes.

Goddamn the man, as soon as I think I've figured him out, he goes and does something nice. And then praises me.

Praises me.

When I've grown to expect his grudging tolerance, his insults, his abuse.

All I ever planned to do was love him, Unconditionally, with the capital U. No expectations, no strings, no wishes wants or needs.

The set is nearly complete. He worked, taught me to use tools, to build, found help for me, by example showed me how to organize, arrange, construct, delegate, create a team. His doing, every bit.

Then praises ME.


(Short Skirt, Long Jacket, Cake)

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