23 July, 2004

White Whine

...And her face is like a sail/ Speck of white so fair and pale....

I don't know if it's cute. It doesn't feel cute. I'd like to think it's cute, like photographs of children with flour on their faces, or videos of girls wrestling in pudding.

I think it's probably not cute.

I complained about it to the sleepy, unsympathetic lump sprawled across the majority of "our" bed, and received a response of "thought you'd be used to it by now."

Not on my HANDS.


This is far from the user-friendly latex that I'm used to. It's called Kilz and oboy does it. Black flat to white flat in one coat.

But cleaning a brush without industrial grade rocket fuel or some similar solvent? Impossible.

3M would thrill to make tape this sticky. It's smeared across my right calf. I think there's some in my hair. It's wedged into my cuticles, the folds of my knuckles, under my fingernails, coating my palms.

I won't go quite so far as 'disgusting,' but I know now for certain that white paint doesn't belong anywhere on my body except my face.

(She's A Rainbow, The Rolling Stones)

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