25 July, 2004

Physical Resolve

...break up into a million pieces/ And fly into the sun....

It's the fault of the drill gun. It lacked sufficient bloodlust. Since I was thwarted in my attempt to sever my precious opposable left thumb, I suppose I have no choice left but to enroll in trap school.

I trust you follow my logic.

That Girl will outshine me, but I'm used to it. The children are old enough to start. Though they'll have to run away from the circus to join a normal life, I think this is a no-brainer, and counts for gym class, as well.

My body aches from effort extended building set pieces yesterday, but not in the good way it did the day after Steven took me flying in Indiana. Since October, I've gotten flabby and weak. Trapeze will be a wonderful way to get strong and get high at the same time.

And then, we'll go for beer.

(Fly Into The Sun, Lou Reed)

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