13 July, 2004

No Joke

...there's some sad things know to man/ but there aint too much sadder than/ tears of a clown....

A magician, a mime, and a clown walk into a bar.

(Slowly, Ellen reaches under the counter for her shotgun...)

He complains that his nickname is unoriginal. I wonder if "Sporkman" is preferable.

Marcuslorus looks swell, and it's sweet to see him. He's wearing "product."

I ran into a woman who was my bosom friend in elementary school. I haven't seen her since junior high. She wears the same hairstyle she did then.

Today, I officially have no more babies. My youngest is six, and we are going for the first of her body modifications, pierced ears. Yesterday, she asked when she could get a tattoo.

Me first, baby. Me first.

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