07 July, 2004

Sausage Links

...it's a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in bacon...mmmmmmm....

Just so you know, many of us who have blogs here at Blogger have been experiencing difficulties. I think we're all hoping that things will sort themselves out quickly, are due to improvements, caused by sunspots, mean the Rapture is nigh, or some other such optimistic bullshit story that we tell ourselves, realizing that it's a story we're telling ourselves. Blogger lacks what Steve calls "accountability," being that there's no charge.

The above paragraph serves as disclaimer for the following links. Half-full, I post them. Half-empty, I doubt they'll work.

The Political Animal writes a column that is fast-paced and clever, and completely avoids being ponderous or over my head. Possibly because he explained it to me in small words a week ago.

Tim Kreider's cartoon (Have you bought his book yet?)is delightful this week, and the final frame is for Nixonologists. (Nixonophiles? Nixopheliacs?) Finally! A reference for which Ms. Primarily Decorative doesn't need a sociology lesson.

I had occasion to quote Yogi Berra this week, reminding myself how I love him, and how he makes me laugh. Owe him a thank you note for that, better hurry.

What else makes me laugh? Engrish makes me laugh.

"I Googled myself," he said, sounding vaguely filthy. (I love verbifying nouns.) So I Googled myself, too, and found Cybele May, playwright, and Miss Cybelvis Monroe, impersonator, both of whom I've mentioned. More Google finds:

A sculptress named Cybele who is not me.

A resort in Zaire, also not me.

And the original film, Sundays and Cybele, which inspired my name. Not me, but closer.

And since this entry has a meatgrinder mix feel to it, I'll include this link. I forget what it was. Seek it out, and gain enlightenment, Grasshopper.

It's a mystery!

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